Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Super Science

Our first unit in Science is about liquids.  We already know that liquids take the shape of the container they are in.  Also, we know that when you add dye to a liquid it doesn't effect the shape, size, or texture of the liquid.

During today's experiment, we learned that cohesion is the force that attracts molecules to themselves.  Water and glycerin both have a lot of cohesion.  When we put a drop of water and glycerin on waxed paper, the drops stayed in a circle form and did not spread out.  Soapy water, cooking oil, and alcohol do not have a lot of cohesion.  Those drops spread out into a thin layer of liquid on the waxed paper.

This is the first time we are blogging, instead of our teacher doing all the work.  This is our way of keeping you informed and in touch with our classroom.  We hope you enjoy our first blog and visit often.  We will tell you about our school days, our science experiments, special projects, field trips, and much more.

Your student bloggers,
The Fantastic Fourth

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