Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to School Night

We had a successful Back to School Night, and I appreciate all the parents that were able to attend.

A few thoughts about the evening...

-I love teaching siblings because the parents seem to trust the process a little more.  They saw firsthand success with their older child and now look forward to the same growth with their newest fourth grader.

-Parents experiencing fourth grade for the first time are excited, apprehensive, and curious.  I hope they have as much fun this year as their student.  It truly is an amazing year.

-This may be the year that the student knows just a little more than their parents when it comes to technology.  These fourth graders are cruising right along with Socrative, Google Drive, iBooks, and Notability.  We are building a technology foundation that will carry them through their academic career.

-Having a former parent stop in just to say, "Thank you" or "I miss fourth grade" reaffirms that I am in the right profession.

-A group of parents with a sense of humor and understanding makes the night go just a little bit better.  Keep in mind- I'm used to talking with nine and ten year olds all day.  It's a little intimidating having a room full of adults.

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