Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our First Day

What a day!  The first day of school always seems to be the hardest.  The students are busy chatting with their classmates.  The parents linger in the classroom getting pictures and last minute hugs.  Former students come to visit and share all their summer memories.  Administrators come in the classroom and welcome all the students back to school.  Whew!

This morning seemed like a whirlwind.  I finally felt at peace when all folders and art supplies were labeled.  It was refreshing to see just one textbook on the students' desks.  This year we will be using iPads and moving down the paperless path. 

Imagine this....Students will pull their work off Google Drive, complete it in Notability, and email me their assignments.  I can then mark their assignment/project and send it back to them.  All of this can be accomplished without using paper.  This will be overwhelming in the beginning, but will become second nature for the students in no time. 

Today was about survival.  Tomorrow is about exploration and productivity. 

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