Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Field Day Fun

We celebrated our school's annual Field Day on June 10th.  It is a day when we compete in athletic games.  We had quite a surprise when it started to pour rain during our very first event...the tug of war.  The rain lasted about 30 minutes, but then the sky was clear and beautiful.  We are lucky it didn't thunder because that would have postponed or even cancelled our Field Day.

After tug of war we competed in an obstacle course, fifty yard dash, sack race, survivor island, three man race, and ended with a water balloon toss.

Tug of War
Obstacle Course
Sack Race
Sack Race
Here are our favorite events:
Ayush- Obstacle Course
Kate- Survivor Island
Gavin- Water Balloon Toss
Sumira- Tug of War
Aidan- Obstacle Course
Kat- Fifty Yard Dash
Alex- Obstacle Course
Puja- Obstacle Course
Carter- Obstacle Course
AnnaMarie- Tug of War
Hugh Thomas- Three Man Race
Grace- Sack Race
Brice- Obstacle Course
Brooke- Survivor Island
Pranay- Obstacle Course
Olivia- Survivor Island
Jacob- Fifty Yard Dash
Sydney- Obstacle Course

Next year will be our last year of competing in Field Day because we will be fifth graders.  

Your student bloggers, 
The Fantastic Fourth