Friday, September 20, 2013

Pinwheels for Peace

Pinwheels for Peace is a national project created by a school in Florida.  It is celebrated each year on September 21.  The whole point is to write your wish on your pinwheel and as the wind blows it blows your wishes into the world.

This our Pinwheels for Peace.  Our art teacher, Miss T., asked the whole lower school to make pinwheels.  Fourth grade and fifth grade choose their favorite artists and copied their paintings on to pinwheels. Pre-K through third grade made their own designs on their pinwheels.

On our pinwheels we each wrote a wish for the world.

Sydney- I hope there are no more wars.
Alex- Stop murder
Brice- I hope there are no more wars.
Olivia- I hope people stop fighting.
Grace- I wish bullying would stop.
Brooke- I hope the whole world is in peace.
Jacob- World peace
Hannah- I wish there were no more bad people in the world.
Ayush- I hope there are no more wars.
Kate- I hope there were no wars and no one would get hurt.
Aidan- I hope there are no more wars.
Marshall- People need to stop fighting other people in their countries.
Hugh Thomas- I hope to bring peace to the world forever and ever and for all eternity.
AnnaMarie- I wish the world would be a better place.
Carter- I hope there is no more child abuse.
Kat- I wish for no more bullying and everyone would be nice to each other.
Puja- I wish everyone would get along.
Gavin- I wish for peace for the world.
Pranay- I wish the war in Syria would stop.
Sumira- I wish the world was a better place.

This is a short video we found on YouTube to tell you a little more about Pinwheels for Peace.

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