Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Challenge Yourself

Like most schools, we have regularly scheduled faculty meetings.  And like most schools, we use this time for "housekeeping"- discuss upcoming special events, field trips, changes in our curriculum, etc.
A few days ago we had our faculty meeting and were asked to challenge ourselves.

Try something new.  Create a new lesson.  Read a new book.  Explore a new piece of technology.  Go outside your comfort zone and reach beyond.

Do. Not. Settle.

This discussion made me reflect on the school year thus far.  My professional goal this year was, and continues to be, to share my passions with my students and look beyond the curriculum.  We've learned to make soap and use a sewing machine.  I've already read more books aloud to my students than previous years.  We've connected internationally by participating in the Global Read Aloud and numerous Mystery Skypes lessons.   We are currently writing eBooks on our national parks.  We will soon start exploring digital photography.  The arts, reading, writing, and technology are all passions of mine. 

I firmly believe these "extra projects" have brought my students together as a class so nicely.   Their communication skills have improved, and they show one another more respect and compassion. 

Keep reaching.  Keeping challenging.  Keep growing.

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