Friday, January 9, 2015

Teeth Shine without Grime

A big thank you to Ms. Danielle and Ms. Bethany from Dr. Tilghman & Dr. Schwartz's office for visiting our school and teaching us about dental hygiene.  We learned some important tips on how to keep our teeth shiny and clean.

Tip #1
Brush twice a day for two minutes.  You should spend thirty seconds brushing each of the four quadrants of your mouth. Don't forget to brush your gums and tongue.

Tip #2
Always floss after brushing.  When your dental floss reaches your gums, make a "C" motion and come back up.  This will help scoop away any food and help keep your gums healthy.

Tip #3
Eating crunchy vegetables will also help clean your teeth.  Chewing on crunchy pencils, fingernails, or ice cubes will NOT help clean your teeth. They only cause damage.

Tip #4
Try to stay away from soda, candy or other acidic foods.  Acid can eat away your teeth and cause cavities.

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Class of 2023

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