Monday, May 12, 2014

Race for Excellence

On Friday we participated in our school's annual Race for Excellence.  We walked and ran around our recess/sports field for an hour.  This event helps raise money for school improvements.  Last year's Race for Excellence raised money to expand our lunchroom.  

Before the Race we sent letters to our families and friends asking for donations to support the Race for Excellence.  Our class sent over 200 letters.  We sent letters as far away as India, California, Arizona, England, Colorado and Florida.  

We sang the Star Spangled Banner before starting the Race.  Then we walked/ran for an hour.  There were water stations in case we got hot.  We even had a D.J. playing music to keep us motivated.  After the Race we enjoyed snacks such as cookies, fruit, brownies, and other sweet treats.  We also had cold gatorade and water.

Some students won prizes for mailing twenty or more letters.  The prizes were 6 tickets to a water park, $200 gift card to a surf shop, and the grand prize was an iPad mini. One of the fourth graders won the iPad and was very surprised.  

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