Monday, May 13, 2013

Call a Doctor...Our Class has Spring Fever

That's right.  The "fever" has hit our classroom.  The symptoms thus far include: ants in our pants, talking while we work, crooked lines in the hallway, forgotten common sense, and general lack of self control.  I knew we were bound to catch the "fever" because it is quite contagious this time of year.

So, what is a teacher to do?  Let's add more craziness to the mix and introduce stability balls.  I've never had stability balls in my classroom, but I thought I should give it a try.  Off to Wal-Mart I ventured and picked up four balls (one for each group of desks).

Boy, was I impressed with my students.  Like I mentioned,  I bought one ball per group of desks.  The students decided on their own that they should take turns sitting on the stability ball.  They even asked for help dividing the remaining time in the day evenly so each student got the same amount of time.  I wrote the times on the board when the students should switch with a classmate who was waiting patiently for their turn with the ball.  The students rotated the ball around the group members without fuss.  I love my class!

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